[gccsdk] DeskLib and GCCSDK

Steve Fryatt lists at stevefryatt.org.uk
Wed May 13 03:00:48 PDT 2020

I originally posted this query on csap, and it was suggested that it would
be worth asking here.

I've been attempting to build a version of the current DeskLib for use in
the GCCSDK, based on the sources at https://www.riscos.info/websvn/

A minor syntactical tweak to Makefile.unix (to suit the Ubuntu shell)
notwithstanding, it seems to do the right kinds of things, and

  make -f Makefile.unix SCL=true install

puts the expected files into ~/gccsdk/env/...

If I then try to use it to compile an application (in this case WinEd from
the same source as above), then again it seems to do the correct sorts of
things (except that WinEd's Makefile requires a lot of modification to make
it happy with the GCCSDK), but the process soon hits several problems.

The first, which I would like to sort out before moving on to the rest, is
that the DeskLib headers installed by the process above contain several

  #include "DeskLib:Core.h"

lines and similar, which GCCSDK can't sensibly resolve. I can make things
build to a point where I'm looking at a handful of genuine-looking missing
or conflicting source files in WinEd by doing a search and replace to remove
the <DeskLib$Path> references from within ~/gccsdk/env/include/DeskLib/, but
I'm not sure that this is the right thing to be doing given that the DeskLib
docs refer to the library being prepped for use in the GCCSDK -- suggesting
that everything should just work. :-)

So, does anyone know if DeskLib will work with the GCCSDK as it stands, and
if not, is anyone maintaining/using it for the platform?

Steve Fryatt - Leeds, England


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