[gccsdk] build-world needs less secure wget

Ronald ronanon at zoho.com
Sun May 17 05:14:54 PDT 2020

wget 1.19.4 supplied with ubuntu 18.04 has strict SSL rules and at
least the following site will halt the build.

Location: https://ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw/gnu/binutils/binutils-2.24.tar.bz2 [following]
--2020-05-17 19:37:58--  https://ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw/gnu/binutils/binutils-2.24.tar.bz2
Resolving ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw (ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw)...
Connecting to ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw (ftp.cse.yzu.edu.tw)||:443... connected.
OpenSSL: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number
Unable to establish SSL connection.

I renamed my /usr/bin/wget and did a manual build of
wget-1.16/libgnutls28-dev to fix this.
I think you could also do a manual build of wget-1.19.4 and configure it
for less secure SSL before make/install.

build-world completed OK.

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