[gccsdk] Recommended distros for autobuilder

Chris Gransden chrisg at care4free.net
Wed Sep 2 04:02:00 PDT 2020

In article <20200902093453.57jkr4hskfed2pjt at chiark.greenend.org.uk>,
   Theo Markettos <theo at markettos.org.uk> wrote:
> For those who have been (re)building autobuilder packages, what OS are you
> currently building on?  And which sources are you building?

> I think historically the autobuilder has used Debian 'stable' sources, which
> meant an unexpected wave of breakage whenever Debian decided to release a
> new 'stable' distro.  That appears to still be the case, is that right?

> In terms of build OS, is there any reason to use something other than the
> latest Ubuntu LTS (20.04)?  Last time I set up mass builds I used Ubuntu
> 14.04, which is a bit old nowadays.  Sometimes the packages needed for
> particular builds can vary between distros, and it would save effort if I
> could use whatever other people have got to work.  What have you been using?
> To some degree using Debian 'stable' for the build distro as well makes some
> kind of sense, but I don't know if that's what people are doing.

Mostly debian Bullseye using 'Stable' sources. Some packages fail to build
on more recent distros. If this happens then Unbuntu 16.0.4 LTS.

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