[gccsdk] Recommended distros for autobuilder

Theo Markettos theo at markettos.org.uk
Wed Sep 2 08:41:40 PDT 2020

On Wed, Sep 02, 2020 at 12:02:00PM +0100, Chris Gransden wrote:
> In article <20200902093453.57jkr4hskfed2pjt at chiark.greenend.org.uk>,
>    Theo Markettos <theo at markettos.org.uk> wrote:
> > For those who have been (re)building autobuilder packages, what OS are you
> > currently building on?  And which sources are you building?
> Mostly debian Bullseye using 'Stable' sources. Some packages fail to build
> on more recent distros. If this happens then Unbuntu 16.0.4 LTS.

Thanks, that's useful.

How common is it for packages to fail to build on bullseye, and what do the
failures look like?  Are they simple fixes, or things that involve long
chains of dependency problems?


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