[gccsdk] Build problems for crosscompiler

jjvdgeer at vfemail.net jjvdgeer at vfemail.net
Thu Sep 3 15:16:19 PDT 2020

I'm trying to build gccsdk but it fails because it doesn't find the  
ppl-1.2.tar.gz package:

make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/jjvdgeer/gccsdk_new/gcc4/builddir/cross-mpc'
  touch buildstepsdir/cross-mpc-built
  mkdir -p /home/jjvdgeer/gccsdk_new/gcc4/srcdir.orig
  cd /home/jjvdgeer/gccsdk_new/gcc4/srcdir.orig && wget -c  
  --2020-09-03 23:41:24--   
             => ‘ppl-1.2.tar.gz’
  Resolving ftp.cs.unipr.it (ftp.cs.unipr.it)...
  Connecting to ftp.cs.unipr.it  
(ftp.cs.unipr.it)||:21... connected.
  Logging in as anonymous ... 
  Login incorrect.
  make[1]: *** [Makefile:723:  
/home/jjvdgeer/gccsdk_new/gcc4/srcdir.orig/ppl-1.2.tar.gz] Error 6
  make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/jjvdgeer/gccsdk_new/gcc4'
  make: *** [Makefile:256: getenv] Error 2
  Looks like the build failed.  You might want to check out the README  
for what to do now.
  If 'build-cross-output.txt' exists, this will contain a record of  
the failure.  You can send the end of it to the GCCSDK mailing list  
for help.
  Once you fix the problem, you can simply run this script again.   
Note doing this will overwrite 'build-cross-output.txt' log file.

It tries to download it  
from ftp://ftp.cs.unipr.it/pub/ppl/releases/1.2/ppl-1.2.tar.gz but  
that link seems to be dead. I think I did find a place to download it  
at the bottom of this page:


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