[gccsdk] std::stringstream with GCCSDK

Chris Gransden chrisg at care4free.net
Mon Feb 22 01:38:21 PST 2021

In article <CCF72958-6E59-4D57-950B-5D76ABF6B5FD at gmail.com>,
   Daryl Dudey <daryljdudey at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm writing a fairly big C++ BASIC style language for Windows & RISC OS and I'm trying to cross-compile on Windows and I can't get the std::stringstream to not give errors. I had problems with ostream before and switched to use regular C I/O functions to get around it.

> I get various errors including deleted functions errors. I can post the output if useful.

> If I replace it with just std::string or fprintf then it all works, but a lot of the code is in 3rd party library stuff I daren't risk changing.

> Is there anything I can try or do?

I'm not sure what the problem could be but you could try using GCC 8.2 or
10.2. They both work OK in the autobuilder.

They both have full support support for c++11. The optimzer seems to
generate faster code for c++ compared to GCC 4.7.4.
Also the floating point uses hardfloat so can be  faster and the neon
instrinsics work too.
I believe executables produced are ELF and ARMv7 only and currently no
support for modules or clib.

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