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Stefan Fröhling stefanfroehling at yahoo.de
Sun Jul 18 01:20:25 PDT 2021

Hello there!

I have been told from Andrew Rawnsley that Iris is done with GCC10 and mostly ported by Lee Noa to create Iris.
Where we can download the sources/binaries ?
What is the status? What must be done to make it a RISC OS native compiler as we want to built an IDE around GCC and maybe support also other languages like BASIC, Python and Pascal.
I want to find some programmers who are willing to port GCC 10 to RISC OS as now it is only available for Linux/Windows.
(well with available I mean it is available at least for one or two or three RISC OS programmers….)
I appreciate any suggestions for a path forward so it can be made available for all RISC OS users soon.

PS: Congratulation fot the good work on Iris and GCC10!

regards Stefan 
from the Cloverleaf RISC OS project

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