[gccsdk] Investigating failure with libxmp tests

Lee Noar lee.noar at sky.com
Mon Jun 7 12:49:03 PDT 2021

On 07/06/2021 19:42, Cameron Cawley wrote:
> Hi
> I'm currently investigating why a number of tests in libxmp are failing 
> when running on RISC OS. All of them are related to the depackers, which 
> use an intermediate temporary file created using mkstemp() and fdopen(), 
> however although depacking seems to work, the output file doesn't always 
> work when reading it back in. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what's wrong, 
> so I would appreciate it if someone more knowledgeable could advise.
> For reference: https://github.com/libxmp/libxmp/issues/369 
> <https://github.com/libxmp/libxmp/issues/369>

I'm probably way off base, but after a quick look at the stdout, I see a
lot of the fails complain about failing to load a module, could that be 
relevant? Is this a dl_open type plugin library that is failing to load?
If not, then what is the nature of the module that is failing to load?


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