[Rpcemu] Vista border and run in background

Tom Walker tommowalker at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 29 13:34:15 GMT 2007

> I've been running rpcemu on Windows Vista and it works well apart
> from the fact that the Windows border obscures part of the emulation
> screen. Any chance of a fix?

I've been trying to make this work right, but haven't been able to. The
_exact_ same code works with my other emulators with no trouble at all.

> The other thing I noticed is that the emulation freezes when it
> no longer has the focus. I quite often try to run something on
> the emulation while I want to do other tasks in Windows. Is there
> a setting or something I can use to allow the emulation to
> keep running?

No, it kept crashing when I had this option in so I took it out.


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