[Rpcemu] RPCEmu and HostFS - too many open files

Tom Walker tommowalker at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 2 18:12:34 BST 2007


I didn't write the HostFS code, so I'm guessing here.

> After reading so many files (approx. a hundred?), the copy process  would 
> halt with a 'not found' message.  RISC OS was then unable to read any more 
> files from HostFS.
> In the trace window, you can see the following when the problem occurs:
> hostfs_get_string from 01c1b59c, to f007fb6c, size 1024
>          PATH = $.link.DiskGames.DuneII.!Dune_II.Disc2.Shapes
> hostfs_path_scan() could not opendir() '/Emulators/PPCRPC/HOSTFS':  
> Too many open files 24

The opendir() error suggests that OS X has run out of file handles. It's
possible that HostFS assumes more handles are available (255) than OS X makes
available to RPCemu. The answer, if this is the case, is to decrease the
number of handles HostFS wants, in hostfs.c this is

#define MAX_OPEN_FILES 255

I've no idea how many RISC OS wants but 64 should be more than enough.


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