[Rpcemu] RPCEmu and HostFS - too many open files

Richard Walker richardwalker at letterboxes.org
Tue Sep 4 20:36:53 BST 2007

Hi Tom,

On 2 Sep 2007, at 18:12, Tom Walker wrote:

> The opendir() error suggests that OS X has run out of file handles.  
> It's
> possible that HostFS assumes more handles are available (255) than  
> OS X makes
> available to RPCemu. The answer, if this is the case, is to  
> decrease the
> number of handles HostFS wants, in hostfs.c this is
> #define MAX_OPEN_FILES 255
> I've no idea how many RISC OS wants but 64 should be more than enough.

Thanks for your thoughts.  I'll pass this onto Jon (unless he's  
already read
it here?!) as you suspect it's Mac OS X-specific.


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