[Rpcemu] Just starting

Theo Markettos rpcemu at markettos.org.uk
Wed Aug 6 19:46:50 BST 2008

On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 07:03:14PM +0100, P.J.G. Long wrote:
> I hope you won't mind some silly questions
>  I have compiled rpcemu on effectively a debian etch system, using 3.7
>  roms
>  1) It seems to start very quickly, giving mips readings >110 all the time

Good :)

>  3) However at start up I get 
>     a) a message in the terminal window saying 
>            updatewindowsize: 640 256
>            updatewindowsize: 640 480

That's just some debugging output - RISC OS has changed screen mode and
that's the emulator noticing.

>     b) a Warning window 
>          Invalid shut down state detected in CMOS

Your emulated CMOS RAM checksums don't match - that'll be because the
default CMOS image isn't for RO3.7.  Boot rpcemu with Delete held down
(simulating a power-on-Delete in RISC OS) and RISC OS should reset its CMOS.

>  4) Any attempt to increase the screen resolution from 16 cols 640x480 is 
> met with greyed out menus, is there a way around this? Screensize seems to 
> be 320K, vram=2M

Do you have a boot sequence on the emulator?  Until a modefile is loaded you
won't be able to select modes other than numbered one (eg mode 32,
800x600x256 cols).  Either install a full boot sequence, or put a modefile
on the emulator and do *LoadModeFile <path to modefile>

>  5) How is HOSTFS started, I seem to have tried all possibilities of 
>      *configure filesystem hostfs

Is the HostFS module getting loaded?  It should be - check it shows up under

You'll need a directory called 'hostfs' at the same level as the rpcemu
executable.  Put your files in there.

Normally HostFS is run from the emulated ADFS image (in !Boot.Choices
somewhere), so you can't configure it as the default FS.  But if you copy
the module into a 'podulerom' directory then RPCEmu will build a fake podule
ROM to load the module at startup, and you should be able to *Configure
Filesystem it.  (I haven't tried this).

Hope that covers everything :)


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