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P.J.G. Long pjgl2 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Aug 7 11:16:18 BST 2008

Dear Theo, Jan

      Thank you for the speedy feedback, sorry I didn't reply before but 
 my broadband went down as things 'started' to work.

 Thanks to all the help, I now have a working system that seems to be very 
usable, if a bit baffling at times. Some notes/observations that may help 
people in the future

 1) version 0.7 from the website compiles on Debian and works with 3.7 rom 
images at an indicated MIPs>110 on my machine with dyn option.

 2) NB without dyn sound sort of works with 0.7 (but not on svn)

 3) I can't seem to get the hard disk image from the website to work!

 4) However using hdform does produce a usable hd. NB It can produce .hdf 
files in other directories if you are not careful. I managed to produce a 
file in my home directory which seems to take priority over the one in the 
directory holding rpcemu. Can waste a lot of time!

 5) I haven't managed to get 0.7 to work reliably with boot, seems to 
 loose setting etc. so moved to the latest from svn

 6) NB soon as I inserted the boot sequence the indicated mips dropped to 
appro 75 on 0.7, 35 on svn!

 7) Once the boot sequence is in place hostfs seemed to appear, but note it 
does need to be lower case hostfs, not HOSTFS as in the download.

 8) Currently working at 1280x1024x256 and it is really nice

 9) I have been running a CAD package which seems drop the indicated mips 
to ~25 (at one stage it was indicating 11 for a long period*) but it 
certainly doesn't feel 4-10 times slower than the raw boot. What does the 
mips reading actually indicate?

 * I wondered if this was due to the cpu clocking down, but it doesn't seem 
to be. I can force it down but to 1/3 speed which corresponds to 7-8 mips 

 10) The correct graphics driver is obviously important. Now running with 
the latest nVidia driver not stock vesa or fb

 I don't know if my experiences are typical, but I guess there would 
significantly more take up if there were .debs etc available, especially if 
they were compiled against stable so the user doesn't need dev/testing 

Also include direct access to the allegro libs as these were not in my 

 Also a FAQ re issues like the hd image not working
How to copy files/applications from your old box/VA installation. 
What exact options are needed for the HD formatting if not using the 
pre-formatted version. Good notes from Terry Duell, archives Jan 08, but 
slightly different from my experiences.

 Would be nice to see screen shots of practical applications as well as 

 Yet to try !zap, and basic programs. Looking forward to developing some in 
a familiar environment and then running natively under brandy.

 Thanks once again for all the help and the speed of answers 

  Please do not take the above as major criticism, the project is 
excellent. I have been using Linux as my main day-to-day platform for about 
4 years now. Only having to switch to windows to run VA, Finally I will be 
able to almostly completely ignore windows!!!


>>Hi Theo,
>>2008/8/6 Theo Markettos <rpcemu at markettos.org.uk>
>>> On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 10:27:13PM +0100, P.J.G. Long wrote:
>>> > On Aug 6 2008, Theo Markettos wrote:
>>> >  I have downloaded the formatted disk + universal boot sequence. The 
>>> > disk appears as drive 4 on the icon bar, but gives the error
>>> >
>>> > Error when reading ADFS::4.$ - Disc not understood - has it been
>>> formatted?
>>> >
>>> > when selected.
>>> Do you have the hard disc image as hd4.hdf in the emulator directory?
>> Under Linux this will be case sensitive. Please check is another hd4.hdf 
>> of zero size has been created.
>>> > >Is the HostFS module getting loaded? It should be - check it shows up
>>> > >under *Modules.
>>> > >
>>> >    It doesn't seem to be there!
>>> That'll probably be the case if the ADFS hard drive image isn't working.
>>> Try to get that sorted first.
>>> (Or perhaps the RPCEmu build process should put the HostFS module into 
>>> the poduleroms directory by default?)
>>> > > You'll need a directory called 'hostfs' at the same level as the 
>>> > > rpcemu executable. Put your files in there.
>>> >
>>> >   Is this case specific in Linux, it was HOSTFS from the download?
>>> 'hostfs' works for me - I think I read on comp.sys.acorn.something 
>>> that other people were having trouble with the case. I think the case 
>>> getting mangled is a Windows/Linux issue - obviously it doesn't matter 
>>> on Windows.
>>> Perhaps Tom or someone else knows what the case situation is?
>>> Theo
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>>good luck.
>>Jan Rinze.

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