[Rpcemu] Networking help?

Theo Markettos rpcemu at markettos.org.uk
Sun Aug 17 00:34:55 BST 2008

Can anyone explain how to get networking working in RPCEmu?  I realise there
are two versions - I'm interested in the Linux variety.

I've run rpcemu as root so it can open a tap device, and that's fine.  I
have 'ipaddress =' in my configuration - the default.  I'm using
the Universal Boot sequence provided with RPCEmu with 64MB RAM and RISC OS
Adjust (is that my problem?)

When I try to load the prebuilt EtherRPCEm module I get an error 'Not enough
memory for C library'.  That string doesn't seem to be in the module. 
Anyone know what the problem is?  Does it need a 32 bit SharedCLibrary? 
Should I try to use an Adjust !Boot?


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