[Rpcemu] Patch to 'make install' - configurable file paths

Theo Markettos rpcemu at markettos.org.uk
Sun Aug 31 11:11:30 BST 2008

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 09:11:18AM +0100, Ned Abell wrote:
> I like the suggestion of putting the drives in a more rational
> path than the the executable but is there a reason for not
> using  /media or /mnt ?.
> Im new at this so please humour me:-)

Simply that Debian decrees where particular bits should go in the
filesystem: very roughly /media is for dynamically mounted devices (like USB
sticks) and /mnt is for manually mounted devices (like hard drive

Part of my idea was that you have a drives directory somewhere, but you
don't have to have any files in it.  You can then create symbolic links to
whereever the files actually are.  So I'd envisage something like:

containing symbolic links like:

where the actual files can be wherever you like.  But this place
(/var/lib/rpcemu) needs to be defined by default so that users know where to
look in the first place.  My patch also allows this location to be
configured in rpc.cfg so you don't actually have to have anythingin /var/lib
if you don't want to.  That's where it would go on Debian, but not on
Windows and probably other places on other systems.


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