[Rpcemu] Notes on Rev 121

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Fri Feb 1 01:14:36 GMT 2008

Hullo All,
I have just built rev 121 on Fedora Core 6 linux, and tried it out using
ROS4.39, using recompiler. 
A few things that I have found are:

-If I select "Settings -> Settings" then select "OK" it crashes with a seg

-If I configure a CD-ROM drive, select the CD-ROM I get a message " Soft Load
driver not present". Zap tells me that 6 CDFS modules are present, including
CDFSSoftATAPI. If I knew what it was looking for I might be able to find it
in my RPC !Boot. I note that the rpclog.txt file does report "Failed to open
ZIDEFS". Has this anything to do with the error, and if so what is it and
where can I get it, as it isn't on my RPC?

- The screen redraw leaves windows a bit broken, some scan lines are out of

-After shutdown of rpcemu the window can now be closed without having to
resort to killing the process. This is an improvement.

Terry Duell

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