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Paul Stewart paulstewart at phawfaux.co.uk
Wed Jul 15 10:04:18 PDT 2009

In message <0df0647a50.cr.bass at btinternet.com> you wrote:

> Got Ubuntu working, was a faulty install! Also got Puppy working on
> the network and it stuck me it was so much easier to do. The 'extra'
> files (such as rc.bridge etc) in Puppy are they standard or ones
> you've written? Would they work in say Ubuntu?

Hi Chris,

The script files as used on the Puppy RPCEmu distribution are custom.  
However I believe they will work on any version of Linux that has the 
bridge functionality installed.  This is not installed in any(that I 
am aware of) default Puppy 4 installation.  It is not even available 
from the Puppy repository.  During the entire process of setting 
RPCEmu up and sorting the networking out, Google was my bestest (is 
that a word?) friend.  Half that battle is actually finding out the 
correct terminology to search under!

Paul Stewart -  Far Bletchley, Milton Keynes, England.
(msn:paulstewart at phawfaux.co.uk)

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