[Rpcemu] Keyboard case and other problems

Terry Duell tduell at iinet.net.au
Fri Jun 26 23:14:48 PDT 2009

Hullo All,

I have a keyboard case problem with rev 168, and it also shows up with the  
spoon edition.
If you start RPCemu with the keyboard capslock ON, then all is OK, but if  
you don't the case of all keyboard text is reversed.
I am aware that this has been discussed before and the 'fix' or workaround  
is to have capslock ON before starting RPCemu, but I wonder if it is  
possible to detect the keyboard case setting and have it all work  
correctly. I never remember to set capslock ON before starting RPCemu, as  
it is a setting that I never use.

While we're at it, is it possible to detect the type of keyboard and map  
the keys correctly? I guess there are many using the UK/English keyboard,  
but those of us using the US/English keyboard keep getting 'bitten' by  
those few differences between the two keyboards.

If there is someone who is involved in RPCemu development that could have  
a look at the above issues, it would be greatly appreciated.

For the record I am using RPCemu on a Fedora 11 X86_64 system, and apart  
 from the above it all works very well. I have not tried networking.

Terry Duell

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