[Rpcemu] Linux/Ubuntu and 0.8.2

Dave Symes dave at triffid.co.uk
Thu Sep 3 10:31:14 PDT 2009

Slight problem with original compile so fished out another.

RPCemu 0.8.2  on Ubuntu 9.04 and RO 4.02

Having has a bit O' sparetime today, I've been having another go.

EmuFS is now working so I can transfer stuff *In* from the outside.

The problem now is, I can't transfer stuff back outside to the Ubuntu
directory from which it originally came. (Or any outside of emu directory
for that matter).

"This disk is protected for changes"  (Yes it does say "for").

I've set full read/write access in that directory and others, but I still
can't get anything out from RPCEmu to it.

Guess I'm missing something... Any useful thoughts please?

Set up the CD drive as per the manual, but even though it's on the icon
bar, and it powers up, it won't read any CD I've put in it.

Useful thoughts please?

With regard to the USB stick, while I can't access this directly through
RPCemu, obviously I can access it through the Ubuntu filer and transfer
from it to one of the Dirs seen by the EmuFS Home dir.
Is it possible to configure so that the USB stick can be seen by emu?

As for Networking, I've looked... Bhaaa... No idea.
I'll maybe have another look over the weekend, but between now and then,
any tips appreciated.

Brain transplant please!



Dave Triffid

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