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Mon Sep 21 12:07:57 PDT 2009

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> This is on behalf of Peter Naulls.

> <quote>
> I know this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I want to get broad
> coverage of RISC OS users.  Please complete the survey mentioned
> here if you haven't already.

> http://www.riscos.info/index.php/RISC_OS_Browser_Survey

> To this end, could someone post this to appropriate A9, Select,
> VirtualRPC and RPCEmu forums, since I'm not a member of any of those.
> Perhaps also one of the German forums.

> Right the answers are heavily biased by Iyonix users, which may
> or may not be representative of their involvement with RISC OS.

> Thanks.
> <quote>

This is now the 5th time I have received this.  I've heard of cross 
posting, but you have really taken the biscuit this time!  Or should 
that be taking the piss this time?

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