[Rpcemu] Mouse control freezes in full screen

Peter Howkins rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net
Fri Jan 1 07:15:36 PST 2010

On Fri, Jan 01, 2010 at 10:42:27AM +0000, Paul Stewart wrote:
> Has anyone had an issue with mouse control freezing when switching to 
> fullscreen?
> To put this in perspective.  This is relating to running RPCEmu on 
> Puppy Linux.  Not been able to get fullscreen mode working until now.  
> Turns out it was an issue with the default window manager used by 
> Puppy.  I have so far tried two different(icewm and openbox) window 
> managers, both allow RPCEmu to run at fullscreen, but then the mouse 
> freezes!

This is caused by fullscreen disabling 'follow host mouse' (mousehack).

*configure mousetype 0

then it should work in fullscreen.


Peter Howkins
peter.howkins at marutan.net

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