[Rpcemu] I'm baffled

Philip Glover philip at theglovers.name
Thu Jan 7 06:04:30 PST 2010

Steve Fryatt wrote:
> On 5 Jan, Philip Glover wrote in message
>     <4B439746.7010208 at theglovers.name>:
>> Hello there,
>>        As my Mico was getting old, and could not cope with broadband, my 
>> sons provided me a year ago with an old "windows" box running Ubuntu 0.8.
>> ,on which I installed RPCEmu 0,8.2, which allowed me to run my favourite
>> progs from the Mico, albeit all very slowly.
>>        Now I have "upgraded" to a new Acer running Ubuntu 0.9.
> Are you sure about those Ubuntu versions?  It's not vital, but the recent
> versions have run 8.04, 8.10, 9.04, 9.10.
> Sorry to misquote. The versions were 8.10 and now 9.10
>> I used a USB stick to transfer settings and also the Emu programme to the
>> new machine- but as I rather thought, it would not run.
> In what way did it "not run"?  Error messages?
At first, there was no response at all , but later it did load, but got 
the "out of range " message after the "unplug toolbox" -(it all goes so 
fast now, and the old method of slowing it down doesn't seem to 
operate)- and then only ran in the small screen, whereas fron the USB it 
goes through the full set of messages, and resizes to the large screen
> [snip]
>> HOWEVER, by chance I opened the original copy on the USB. and 
>> inadvertently clicked on the Emu run-file, (or whatever it is called in
>> Linux), and Lo and behold, everything loaded and worked , but extremely
>> quickly compared to the old machine! Why should it work from one source,
>> but not from another?
> File ownerships and/or permissions are the most likely contenders.
> In the Ubuntu file manager, go to the View->Visible Columns... and turn on
> Owner, Group and Permissions.  Now look at all the RPCemu files in the two
> locations (the ones that don't run, and the ones that do), and spot the
> differences.
> Critically, are the owner and group you, and do the files you're trying to
> run have the first 'x' (execute) permission set (the fourth letter in the
> row, or "user execute").
Yes, both folders for RPCEmu show same permissions, and both have 13 
items in each folder, but haven't got round to checking every one of 
these, but will do so later, in case there are differences.

Thanks for help.

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