[Rpcemu] broken directory

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Wed Jan 13 12:53:05 PST 2010

On 13/01/10 19:33, Philip Glover wrote:

> I've managed to transfer my copy from my Old Mico, where it runs
> happily, to the RPCEmulator. It runs the search part and tells me the
> details of which directories are faulty, but the buttons which would
> initiate repair etc, are greyed out, and so I am no further forward. Is
> it because it is on an emulator and there is no physical disc? Now
> Arm-Club have folded there is no help available from the originators.

The club web site is still up and the DiscKnight ordering system and 
support email still work.

It sounds like you have the free version, which only checks for faults 
and doesn't fix them. Information about DiscKnight and details of how to 
buy the full version can be found here:


If you think you have got the full version then contact the support 
address (discknight at armclub.org.uk) and Dave will sort you out.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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