[Rpcemu] Rpcemu and Linux...

Ned Abell nedabell at weatherpost.org.uk
Sat Jan 23 01:47:52 PST 2010

On 22 Jan, zed <zed at zed.net.nz> wrote:
> Hi

> I currently use LinuxMint, v8.0 and have been toying with
> the idea of installing Rpcemu: I purchased the RISC OS4
> image some time ago.  My question is: if I subsequently
> upgrade to a later version of LinuxMint, or install a
> different distro, will I have to go through the process of
> reinstalling Rpcemu?

Hi  Zed,
No worries :-)
AFAIUI the RPCemu installation goes into a normal folder in
your home folder and is self contained apart from the allegro
libraries etc which should be updated if required by the
update manager.
The network setup does modify Mint system files but should
retain settings on upgrade.

If you use a different Linux distribution you need the
dependant libraries but can copy the old RPCEmu folder to the
new home folder (as well as your other work) and reset up
networking which is done with root/sudo password.

I use an external USB hard drive with RPCEmu on it and thus it
can plug into any Linux machine with the dependancies or be
used from a machine with different systems on partitions.

The RPCEmu Linux setup guide is on



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