[Rpcemu] EtherRpcEM 1.01 binary

Leo Smiers leo at fam.smiers.name
Sat Jan 23 02:58:17 PST 2010

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> On 04/01/2010, Leo Smiers <leo at fam.smiers.name> wrote:
> > Hello All
> >
> > Over the last few days I have been busy truing to get the network for the
> > windows version up and running.
> >
> <snip>
> Hi, hows it going with this?
I have networking working. I am happy to see that the fixes/additions from
Tom Hughes have made it into the tree, this saves me work but I now have to
test my version with these changes. I hope that I can do that the coming

The networking code is similar to Tom's, and uses code from Qemu. This means
that you have to install a driver from the OpenVPN client package. I hope
that is not a problem for all of you. Once I have completed testing and
the changes are accepted I will tell more about this.

I now have a question for Matthew: How do I get my changes into the tree?


Leo Smiers
!Flash 0.410.1.1

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