[Rpcemu] RPCEmu on Solaris

Johann "Myrkraverk" Oskarsson johann at myrkraverk.com
Fri Jan 29 17:12:08 PST 2010

In a previous mail, that I failed to respond to the list as well.

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 11:04 PM, Paul Stewart
<paulstewart at phawfaux.co.uk> wrote:

> If you are getting as far as the above error box, surely that is evidence
> enough that the emulator will run?  Support is usually quite good, assuming
> you are asking the correct questions.  £5 is not a lot of money to spend.

No, but the time I have to debug/hack on the code is limited ;-)

On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 12:30 AM, Matthew Howkins
<rpcemu-list at howkins.me.uk> wrote:
>> I have managed to compile and run rpcemu on OpenSolaris well enough to
>> get the message
>>  MessageBox: RPCemu error RiscOS ROMs missing!
>> Before I jump ahead and buy the rom for (all of) 5 gbp, can I be
>> reasonably sure the emulator will run?
> I have had RPCEmu running on Solaris and OpenSolaris for a while now,
> though some of the changes required to run are only just being
> reviewed for inclusion in the source code.
>> I may have borked sound support when I hacked allegro enough to get it
>> to compile (I had to stub all the midi support).  And I have probably
>> borked cdrom support since I had to comment out #include
>> <linux/cdrom.h> (or something along those lines).  I do not have any
>> tun/tap devices, but did find a driver which may work (if I don't find
>> another way).
> I had only minor trouble compiling Allegro for Solaris, and I
> certainly didn't touch anything to do with Midi. Perhaps you can post
> some details of what you did, and that may remind me of what I did.
>> So, my decision will boil down to this question: how much support/help
>> can I expect if I run into "serious" trouble?
> Well I'll do my best to help. Although our main supported platforms
> are Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, we have had some previous interest in
> OpenBSD, and so we are trying to make the code easier to port to other
> Unix platforms.
> There are some features that won't work on Solaris because they
> require some platform-specific code:
> - Direct CD/DVD drive access (I have done some experimentation with
> this, and have it partially working. ISO access should work fine.)
> - Networking (though the TUN/TAP support is very similar to Linux, so
> it should not be difficult to add)
> I found that HostFS crashed on Solaris due to some previously hidden
> bugs which were exposed on Solaris. The fix was trivial though, but
> not yet included in the repository.

I am hitting that bug, yes.  Can you show me the patch?

I'll outline what I did: I had to stub all the midi oss code in
allegro, I don't recall anything else but maybe I should run diff on
it to be sure.  With stub, I mean cleaning out the functions in
uossmidi.h and just return an error.

I copied the files with linux in the names to solaris, and modified
the autoconf files accordingly, I stubbed one function in the network
file and commented out the #include <linux/if_tun.h>.  I commented out
#include <linux/cdrom.h> in the cdrom ioctl file.

At the moment, I don't recall anything else.

I am also hitting, apparently randomly so far:

RPCemu error: Bad LDRH/STRH opcode D0D2FDD2

Is there a way to fix that?  I am managing to run it for a few seconds
apart from that.  A hint to what to look at would be nice.


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