[Rpcemu] RPCEmu on Solaris

Matthew Howkins rpcemu-list at howkins.me.uk
Sat Jan 30 11:42:18 PST 2010

> Sure.  I forgot to add, this happens:
> gcc -I/opt/myrkraverk/include  -Wall -O2   -o rpcemu rpcemu-superio.o
> rpcemu-cdrom-iso.o rpcemu-cmos.o rpcemu-cp15.o rpcemu-fdc.o
> rpcemu-fpa.o rpcemu-hostfs.o rpcemu-ide.o rpcemu-iomd.o
> rpcemu-keyboard.o rpcemu-mem.o rpcemu-romload.o rpcemu-rpcemu.o
> rpcemu-sound.o rpcemu-vidc20.o rpcemu-podules.o rpcemu-podulerom.o
> rpcemu-icside.o    rpcemu-arm.o rpcemu-codegen_null.o
> rpcemu-rpc-linux.o rpcemu-gui.o -L/opt/myrkraverk/lib
> -R/opt/myrkraverk/lib -lalleg
> Undefined                       first referenced
>  symbol                             in file
> cos                                 rpcemu-fpa.o  (symbol belongs to
> implicit dependency /lib/libm.so.2)
> exp                                 rpcemu-fpa.o  (symbol belongs to
> implicit dependency /lib/libm.so.2)
> log                                 rpcemu-fpa.o  (symbol belongs to
> implicit dependency /lib/libm.so.2)


> On Solaris, -lm is needed.  I've usually just added it to the
> generated makefile by hand.  Which of course gets overridden if I run
> configure again.

The plan is to add to autoconf detection of whether libm is needed.
Until then you can do either modify the Makefile directly, or run
configure and pass the extra libraries when running it like this

LIBS="-lm" ./configure

>> Many bugs remain - however you can improve your chances my increasing
>> the RAM allocated to the emulated machine to at least 32MB and by
>> changing emulated CPU to StrongARM.
> cpu_type = ARM610
> mem_size = 16
> These lines I presume, from the snapshot above.  mem_size is easy, but
> what should the cpu_type be?

To use StrongARM by modifying the config file, set cpu_type to be
SA110. Alternatively use the (basic) GUI that is available,



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