[Rpcemu] A pleasant blue window...

David david at ukpoets.net
Mon Mar 15 14:31:35 PDT 2010

...is all I get when trying to get RPCEmu running on my Ubuntu 9.10.

Previous attempts have managed to get the emulator working, albeit with
a couple of errors on start-up and no CD drive, only to see it fail
(freeze) when I tried to enlarge the hard drive as per instructions.

This latest attempt is using the rpcemu-0.8.6.tar.gz file rather than
using the 'svn co svn://.riscos..." method of the Linux Guide. Is this
not the correct file? It does seem to be complete.

Am using RO 3.7 rom images from one of my RiscPCs.


David - david atcost ukpoets fullstop net

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