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Wed Mar 17 13:51:53 PDT 2010

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> I think it's time to pack this attempt in and start from the
> beginning again. With the advice you've given me, I might be able to
> get a bit further, and maybe even get there eventually!

I've gone back to the start and just followed the instructions on the
"RPCEmu_Linux_Guide" page.

Using a RO 4.02 rom image, I can get what seems a stable emulator up
and running, although there are still several features I haven't got as
far as trying because it's really not much use to me - some of my apps
don't work, which is why I never upgraded to RO 4.

Reverting to 3.70: I can get it running with the following two RISC OS
errors on start up:

  Internal error: abort on data transfer at &021934AC
  Internal error: abort on data transfer at &02192FD4
    (I've no idea what these refer to.)

but after it seems okay until I try to do something about the hard
drive. Instead of following the instructions for the ADFS disc, I
thought I'd try using the hard drive image downloads.

First the smaller one: this caused the emulator to quit immediately
until I started with Delete held down when it started up okay (but with
the abort on data transfer errors).

The 1GB drive image though caused the emulator to hang at the start-up
banner with the hourglass showing.

But, I thought, I can live with the smaller drive. So I replaced the
1GB hd4.hdf with the 256MB one and restarted, again with Delete held
down. But again, it froze at the start-up banner.

It seems that once something upsets the emulator, it can't cope with
the problematic feature being changed back to what it was previously
happy with. I've encountered this sort of problem before when trying
with a wrongly sized rom image - substituting the correctly sized image
still has the emulator claiming the rom image is the wrong size.


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