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Peter Howkins rpcemu.howkins at marutan.net
Thu Mar 18 10:04:48 PDT 2010

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 04:06:22PM +0000, David wrote:
> I went through the installation sequence as per the
> "RPCEmu_Linux_Guide" page. However, all I get is the 2D desktop: I
> don't know if this is supposed to be right; it doesn't equate to the
> illustrations in the Guide. Could this be due to the aborts?

In response to your issue with getting to the Menu, check out this bit of 
the manual.


One of the problems with the docs is, you need slightly different 
instructions for each version of RISC OS ... and there's 10 plus!

Here's a quick guide to installing 3.70 from scratch. I think the 
problem is trying to mix and match too many different sets of 
files, configurations and instructions.

I'll adapt this into a proper tutorial later. If any of these steps fail, 
stop, let me know, and I'll give you better instructions.

- Download 0.8.6 Spoon src from http://www.marutan.net/rpcemuspoon/

- Decompress src
 >tar xvfz rpcemu-0.8.6.tar.gz

- Compile (I notice you're running dynarec here, so I'll do similar)
 >cd rpcemu-0.8.6/src
 >./configure --enable-dynarec

If this didn't compile let me know.

- Drop a copy of RISC OS 3.70 into rpcemu-0.8.6/roms

- Edit rpcemu-0.8.6/rpc.cfg and alter
  cpu-type = ARM610
  cpu-type = SA110
  Save file.

- Test run, should boot up to the risc os desktop (possibly complaining 
that !Boot hasn't been run)

- Copy a Blank harddrive file off the website (old format) over the top of 

- Test run, should boot up to the risc os desktop (possibly complaining 
that !Boot hasn't been run), but this time a click on 'harddisc4' will 
show an empty disc, and doing menu over the disc icon and selecting 'free 
space' will show that it's the right size and empty.

- Setting up the 'universal boot' on ADFS HardDisc4 image
 - Download (on your host machine) self extracting !SparkPlug 2.26 from 
   and save in rpcemu-0.8.6/hostfs directory

 - Download (on your host machine) RISC OS 3.50-3.71 universal boot 
   (Uniboot.zip) from 
   and save in rpcemu-0.8.6/hostfs directory

 - Run the emulator, clicking on hostfs, should show the two archives in 
   the hostfs filer when click.

 - Copy both these files to HardDisc4, either ignore or delete these two 
   files from hostfs (as they will not be used from now on)

 - Set the type of splug.bas to 'BASIC' (via the middle button menu over 
   the file icon, File'Splug/bas'->Set Type)

 - Double click splug.bas, this should run a program and create a 
   !SparkPlug in the root of harddisc4

 - Test run !Sparkplug, this *will* complain that 'System resources cannot 
   be found', let's fix that now.
  - Shift-double-click !Sparkplug to open up the contents of the program 
  - Shift-double-click !Run to open this file in the !Edit text editor.
  - Find the line
    'if "<System$Path>" = "" ethen Error 0 System resources cannot be found'
    and insert a comment character | on the front of it, so it reads
    '|if "<System$Path>" = "" ethen Error 0 System resources cannot be found'
  - Save the file by Pressing F3 and clicking OK.

 - Run the !Sparkplug application by double-clicking it, there should now
   a sparkplug icon on the iconbar.

 - Drag the 'uniboot/zi' file from HardDisc4 to the sparkplug icon and 
   Drag !Boot in the archive window back to HardDisc4. This'll take a 
   little while to finish, but the sparkplug icon will return to normal 
   once it's done.

 - Restart the RPC, either quit the emaultor and rerun it, or select 
   Shutdown from the task manager icon and click 'restart'

 - Boot should have run, you'll have a nice Acorn backdrop on the pinboard

- Accessing CD-ROM
 - Open up the menu 'ctrl-end', select Settings->CD-ROM->Host CD/DVD Drive
  this should allow direct access to /dev/cdrom
 - You can also choose a .iso cdrom image to use instead off the CD-ROM 

- Sound
 - Open up the menu 'ctrl-end', select Settings->Settings and click the 
   Sound box on the window. Sound can get a bit clicky and also has about 
   a 1/4 second delay on it.

Erm, at this point, you should have a pretty solid system that's not 
complaining about things, that you can easily add things too by 
downloading stuff off the internet into hostfs and copying it into 

Let me know when you get stuck ;-)


Peter Howkins
peter.howkins at marutan.net

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