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   jan rinze <janrinze at gmail.com> wrote:
> This thread is a pain to watch..

It's not been without pain to write, either.

And I apologise to other members of the list who are in so much agony.
I know it's generated more emails than in the entire last two years.

> people really should understand the meaning of RTFM..

Yes I know what it means.

> Sorry to be so blunt but there is really no excuse for being
> dis-regardless of other people's efforts and time.

Please be blunt; I really hate it when people aren't, when they try to
appear polite and either fail to get their meaning across or seem to be

But I hope you're not referring to me when you write of being
"[dis-regardless] of other people's efforts and time"? I'm very
thankful for the efforts and time of others in helping folk like me. I
know what it's like. I've been in the other position of spending a
great deal of time and effort to help others in the RO community. Can't
do it now since the onset of health problems.

> So this is yet another example of 'I know what was in the manual but
> decided to do it differently and now i am stuck!'

I'm sorry if you see it as that. I thought I was following the
instructions as given on the RPCEmu Linux Guide page, and then those
given by Peter. As far as I can see, the only thing I did differently
was to use the Archive Mounter to unarchive a file.

> Kudos to Peter for keeping his calm..

Some people are able to do so. Some, it seems, aren't.

> Jan Rinze.
> (topposting intentionally)

For which some say there is never any excuse!!!

Now, I thought one of the reasons for the existence of this mail list
was to help people who were having problems with RPCEmu. I hadn't
realised that it existed solely for folk who could sort out the
problems without help from others and couldn't bear to see those not as
clever or lucky as themselves asking for help.

[Snip unnecessarily appended mail]


To Peter: if you still wish to help me (and I am very grateful for your
efforts), perhaps it would be better off-list? But if not, then many
thanks for all you've tried so far.



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