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jan rinze janrinze at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 14:54:35 PDT 2010

2010/3/19 David <david at ukpoets.net>:
> In article <356351.50934.qm at web27207.mail.ukl.yahoo.com>, Tom Walker
> <tommowalker at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> > Now, I thought one of the reasons for the existence of this mail
>> > list was to help people who were having problems with RPCEmu.
>> Actually, I thought this was the development list...
> Then please accept my sincere apologies. I'm obviously wrong but I
> thought years ago when the address came to my attention that it was
> provided (also) for people who wanted to use RPCEmu. Can you point me
> to a suitable forum for requesting help in getting it working and I'll
> go there. (I would have asked on a newsgroup but I don't know of a
> suitable one and, anyway, whenever I have asked for help with any
> software, I've usually been told to go to the mail list.) If not, then
> I'm afraid I'll just have to abandon the idea of using it.
> In any event, I'll unsubscribe shortly.
> Once again, my profound apologies for troubling you all.
> --
> David - david atcost ukpoets fullstop net

No need to unsubscribe. There have been many attempts to help you and
to get started.

It is just that it is next to impossible to help someone who decides
to do other things then describes as the solution.
Hence my remark to this thread.

There are many people who installed RPCemu and yes they also had their
share of problems. Peter has been quite helpful and hinted at many
So please understand that it is just my opinion that this is getting
quite out of hand.

Following the instructions will get you a working RPCemu environment.
Doing thing differently will make you end up with something that is
hard to 'debug' for others. They simply can't duplicate what you have
done if you don't tell them...

just my last remark for this thread.

Best regards,

Jan Rinze.

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