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Musus Umbra musus at verelanthe.co.uk
Sat Mar 20 06:24:46 PDT 2010

On Saturday 20 Mar 2010, David wrote:
> Yes, sorry about that. I think you'll find that, unless they're told
> to follow instructions precisely, most people are likely to
> interpret your
> | - Decompress src
> |
> |  >tar xvfz rpcemu-0.8.6.tar.gz
> as meaning just "de-archive the source", seeing that you are using
> the command line for everything but also knowing that GUI options to
> do the same job exist.

There's a fairly simple rule of thumb...  if a command is specified, 
then use that command.  You really shouldn't use some alternative unless 
there is a compelling /technical/ reason to do so ("I prefer the GUI" is 
not such a reason ;) and even then you should bear in mind that your 
deviation from the instructions is an *important* detail in trying to 
understand any problems.

> And, as for following instructions precisely, "mkdir poduleroms"
> returns an error message that the file already exists. Does the
> existing 'poduleroms' need to be deleted so that one can be created
> as instructed (so getting rid of the emufs files)?

That's another issue...  if something gives an error message that you 
don't expect or understand, STOP and clear it up.  If you assume that 
the message is unimportant, or that you know how to fix it, that's 
pretty much the same as re-interpreting the instructions with the same 

> Does it really need the command line to do this or will doing it
> through the normal GUI method work just as well?

Two things here:  

There is no "normal" GUI method.  Linux isn't like RISC OS where the GUI 
is the "natural" way of doing things and the command line is "alien", 
it's very much the other way around... but with many more "alien" 
possibilities exacerbating the problem.

The other thing is that unless you know the answer to the question, and 
know it intimately, you should really assume that the answer is "no" :p

Finally, the instructions are pretty much part of the 'code' and can 
have 'bugs', etc.  The way to get those fixed is to report them with 

All IMO, etc,

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