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> > Michael Howard wrote:
> > > Musus Umbra wrote:
> > > > <snip - sanctimonious crap> All IMO, etc, Adny
> > >
> > > .... and _you_ obviously value _your_ opinion!
> > 
> > I thought Musus gave good advice, in a clear polite manner at a
> > time when it was needed and helpful.

> Indeed.  I thought the same.

> > Thank you Musus.

> Seconded.

Yes, indeed. I accept that what I did was wrong in this context and I
have apologised for doing so but again, I stress that (IMO - and
experience) it is usual for normal people, excluding those used to
developing or testing software & the like, to make normal life possible
by not doing things precisely and literally, and by finding workarounds
for difficult things. In fact it is doing things too literally which
caused me a great deal of mental and physical pain in my earlier years.

Also, I explained that my computing experience has been mostly confined
to RISC OS and Mac OS X where, except on rare occasions, the GUI is all
that the normal user has to bother with. I know Linux is different but
the GUI is still there and available for those who don't want to do all
their computing on the command line.

Anyway, that is why I suggested that where it is important to use
precise commands as given rather than perform (what might be seen as)
the same task in some other, more familiar way, it is wise to make that
very clear.

I'm sorry to labour the point but it is an important one (I'm not the
only stupid person around) and I do feel that I keep getting unjustly
accused of doing something wrong almost wilfully. As to Musus Umbra's
two lecturing responses to my explanation - yes, that's what should
happen but my point is that it doesn't happen so in real life unless
people are specifically told (and, perhaps, told why). If people
followed Adny's advice, there'd be a lot of unassembled household items
lying around under their translated-from-Japanese instructions.


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