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David david at ukpoets.net
Sat Mar 20 11:36:43 PDT 2010

In article <201003201808.57801.musus at verelanthe.co.uk>, Musus Umbra
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> Out of interest, what's the sha1sum of your ROM, David?

If I knew what a shalsum was and how to find it, I'd tell you.
> > The rom image must be okay as it gets to the desktop in another
> > emulation.

> But interestingly, that same ROM image works perfectly in an older
> 32- bit build of RPCemu I was previously using...  so that's
> apparently not any sort of indicator of correctness :p

> Try Ralph's script, and then chamging the cpu_type to SA110
> manually... that worked for me, even with a ROM image that has a
> different hash.

Yes, get the desktop (with the same "abort on instruction fetch at
&02193040" error.


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