[Rpcemu] A pleasant blue window...

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Sat Mar 20 12:05:47 PDT 2010

Hi David,

> > Rather than give a list of commands to paste interspersed with
> > non-command instructions, how about asking them to do something like
> >
> >     wget -qO- http://inputplus.co.uk/ralph/tryrpcemu.bash | bash
> >
> > after having ensured /tmp/riscos-3.70.rom is their ROM image.
> I got that, dropped in the 3.70 rom from this RPC and ran it.
> Unfortunately, it came up with the blue window about which I first
> posted. Nothing was reported on the command line.

Just to be clear, because you've separated the "got it" from the "ran
it", you ensured /tmp/riscos-3.70.rom existed and then entered

    wget -qO- http://inputplus.co.uk/ralph/tryrpcemu.bash | bash

at a command line at which point you saw lots of output as it was built
and run ending in something like

    + sed -i '/^cpu_type = ARM610$/s/A.*/SA110/' rpc.cfg
    + ./rpcemu
    Error opening /dev/net/tun device: Permission denied
    Networking unavailable

with the shell prompt re-appearing when you killed the emulator.  What
does the end of the output look like for you?

Sounds like we may want to turn on some debug to see what's happened
when it's hung on the blue screen.

> The rom image must be okay as it gets to the desktop in another
> emulation.

You could be right.  But to answer your question in another email, at
the command line, do

    sha1sum riscos-3.70.rom

I get

    $ sha1sum riscos-3.70.rom
    42c3dd0ae43149849b674ea025cb2206512a5b4a  riscos-3.70.rom

> So, I don't know what this tells you.

Lots.  That the problem occurs for you under a "clean" environment that
we can reproduce and that the problem isn't being caused by "user error"
your end.  :-)


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