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Musus Umbra musus at verelanthe.co.uk
Sat Mar 20 13:47:29 PDT 2010

On Saturday 20 Mar 2010, David wrote:
> > (note: that's sha<one>sum not shalsum ;)
> Damned font! :-)

It's a peril, to be sure ;)
> I get a1218ab6bd2f965d317522be68112d9ae3742fa0 which is different yet
> again.


Unless somebody else can chime in with a report of a ROM image with that 
hash working properly, I think we might have a source for the RISC OS 

The question then becomes "Is the ROM image corrupt?" i.e. are the RO 
errors being generated by RPCemu /correctly/ executing the thing  (the 
other emulator not generating the errors doesn't necessarily mean that 
RPCemu shouldn't either).

Can you get hold of a different ROM image and try that?

[snip the rest as it's also, and best belongs, in Ralph's sub-thread].

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