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David david at ukpoets.net
Sat Mar 20 15:27:02 PDT 2010

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   Musus Umbra <musus at verelanthe.co.uk> wrote:

> On Saturday 20 Mar 2010, David wrote:
> > > (note: that's sha<one>sum not shalsum ;)
> > Damned font! :-)

> It's a peril, to be sure ;)
> > I get a1218ab6bd2f965d317522be68112d9ae3742fa0 which is different
> > yet again.

> Indeed.

> Unless somebody else can chime in with a report of a ROM image with
> that hash working properly, I think we might have a source for the
> RISC OS errors.  

> The question then becomes "Is the ROM image corrupt?" i.e. are the RO
> errors being generated by RPCemu /correctly/ executing the thing 
> (the other emulator not generating the errors doesn't necessarily
> mean that RPCemu shouldn't either).

> Can you get hold of a different ROM image and try that?

After much effort digging out my wife's unused RPC and a lot of floppy
formatting, I've got another rom image.

This gives a sha1sum of e6b0e9d7797f5df6edd95a85978fa1a92fc7fef6 which
is again different.

Like my other rom image, it gives a RO error on startup but goes on to
a desktop, again without the Ctrl-End menu.

Is there any good reason why all these rom images should be different,
other than all the physical roms being corrupt? They all seem to work
to some extent.


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