[Rpcemu] 0.8.6 64bit dynarec glitch

Matthew Howkins rpcemu-list at howkins.me.uk
Sat Mar 20 16:26:02 PDT 2010

> I've just built 0.8.6 (dynarec) on 64-bit Fedora 11 and I'm seeing some
> strange behaviour.  Initially I noticed it when trying to comment out a
> RMEnsure line in an obey file, but that's not really important...  What
> /is/ important, however, is that a 32-bit build of 0.8.6 doesn't show
> this behaviour at all, and nor does a 64-bit build without dynarec.


> For example...  If I have the line:
> --8<----------------
> 012345678901234567890123456789
> --8<----------------
> displayed and attempt to insert any character at the start of it, it
> becomes:
> --8<----------------
> a123345678901234567890123456789
> --8<----------------


> Can anybody reproduce this?

Yes, I can reproduce this error.

Be aware that Dynarec has more bugs than the Interpreter, and the
64-bit Dynarec seems to have more bugs than the 32-bit one.

Although we have started work on tidying up and bug-fixing Dynarec
there is a lot more to be done.

I would recommend sticking with the Interpreter for now - hopefully
you will find the performance is adequate.


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