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Sun Mar 21 12:45:44 PDT 2010

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   Ralph Corderoy <ralph at inputplus.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi

> Tom Walker wrote:
> > Just to add to the endless confusion, mine gives a sum of
> > 7d5eae5f1e9f0b06680f559edd14508d732e8d87.

> To sum up,

>     42c3dd0ae43149849b674ea025cb2206512a5b4a  My "good" 3.70.
>     7d5eae5f1e9f0b06680f559edd14508d732e8d87  My "bad" 3.70.
>     7d5eae5f1e9f0b06680f559edd14508d732e8d87  Tom's 3.70.
>     a1218ab6bd2f965d317522be68112d9ae3742fa0  David's first 3.70.
>     e6b0e9d7797f5df6edd95a85978fa1a92fc7fef6  David's wife's 3.70.
>     e7cb05c9925dd0d7d9d5ff6f74244066c5c87e34  Musus Umbra's 3.70.

> Tom's matches one I already had, labelled "bad".  Can't recall why,
> would have to investigate.  The only one Google's heard of is my
> "good" one, so that doesn't help.

[Snip figues]

> Anyone recall 3.70 bug fixes to do with Pinboard?  Is it in RISC OS
> Open's sources?  Perhaps the change history gives a clue.

> There's no way on 3.70 hardware that the ROM can be masked with
> patched RAM is there?  So soft-loaded stuff is skewing what's being
> saved?  I'm sure there isn't, and it's only on the Iyonix that copy
> stuff from flash into RAM, and patches it, where the original flash
> is then no longer accessible.

Brilliant bit of deductive reasoning!

I did a power on with shift & * held down and the sha1sum of the rom
I've got from that is the same as your "mygood" rom.


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