[Rpcemu] A pleasant blue window...

Musus Umbra musus at verelanthe.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 10:09:23 PDT 2010

On Monday 22 Mar 2010, Ralph Corderoy wrote:

[ Blue screen ]
> Perhaps it needs to be mentioned
> somewhere in the rpcemu FAQ/troubleshooting section?  Along with a
> link to known good SHA1 digests.  :-)

That sounds like an excellent idea.
[snip checksums]

Just to add some more information on the ROM image I have that doesn't 
match the sha1sum of the good one:  

It's been established that my image only differs from the good one by 
one (inconsequential) byte very near to the end of the image (an &ff 
becomes &00 13 bytes from the end of the file - this seems to be in 
spare space at the end of the 'meat' of the contents.  Dunno off-hand 
what the words following it are used for, but those are not corrupt).

Based on that, I strongly suspected that my file had indeed become 
/corrupt/ so I went to the effort of digging up both my physical sets of 
3.70 ROMs and re-capturing the image(s) from them  (they're of quite 
different ages).

I'm pleased to report that both my freshly captured images *are* 
identical to the known good one (sha1sum 

If anything is done with these checksums then mine (sha1sum 
e7cb05c9925dd0d7d9d5ff6f74244066c5c87e34, cksum 2820737424) can be 
safely ignored or marked as "trivially corrupt, but known working".

Actually... If RPCemu is to check the ROM image itself, might I suggest 
that the test disregards the large block of &ffffffffs that leads up to 
the final 3 words - AIUI this area is not in use and so its contents 
aren't relevant to whether the OS itself is 'good'.  Then again, who 
knows what bizarre 3rd party code might *rely* on that memory's 
contents?! :p


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