[Rpcemu] RISC OS can't see mouse and keyboard

Richard Mellish Lists at Mellish.eu
Sat Mar 27 12:03:11 PDT 2010

I've been using Virtual RPC for a couple of years on a laptop but 
recently switched to a RISCube for my main desktop computer as well, 
so I've just joined this list.

I've been using a KVM switch, formerly between an Iyonix and the old 
PC, now between the new PC and the old one until I've transferred 
everything I might want. However I have already transferred most of 
it, so I tried using an HDMI cable from the new PC to the monitor 
(being able to disconnect it temporarily if I need to use the old PC).

That led to an odd problem. If the screen saver cuts in, shutting down 
video output, when I wiggle the mouse to wake the computer up again 
RISC OS can no longer see the mouse or the keyboard, even though the 
Windows side functions normally. The only way out is to shut down the 
emulator without first shutting down the Virtual RPC.

I haven't yet tried what happens if the mouse and keyboard are 
connected directly to the RISCube instead of via the KVM switch. But 
the problem can't be entirely due to the switch, because the host OS 
can see the mouse and keyboard.

Any thoughts from anyone?


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