[Rpcemu] merging RPCEmu and spoon edition

Matthew Phillips mgcc at sinenomine.freeserve.co.uk
Fri May 21 23:59:10 PDT 2010

In message <20100518134856.GC25187 at spod.org>
 on 18 May 2010 Peter Howkins  wrote:

> > I thought the riscos.info one had EmuFS as a replacement for HostFS?
> EmuFS is HostFS. But with multiple mount points and free-space calculation,
> it's not a replacement, it's continuted development and a rename.

So have those improvements been included in the Spoon edition?

One alteration I had to make to EmuFS locally, in order to be able to use CVS
under RISC OS, was making Unix hidden files visible to the emulator.  There
was some code in HostFS which ignored any files with names beginning with
".".  I modified it to ignore objects whose filenames were not "." or ".."
and things then worked the way I wanted them to.  I never committed these
changes back to the repository.

Another feature of HostFS/EmuFS which surprised me, when running on Ubuntu,
was to do with NFS mounts.  I have my Iyonix's hard drive shared using
MoonFish amd mounted via NFS on the Linux machine.  When I made the directory
containing this mount point available to RPCEmu via EmuFS, opening the
directory which should have contained the Iyonix's hard drive just resulted
in a blank directory being shown.  I had hoped this would be a handy way to
share the RISC OS machine's drives without going to the trouble of setting up


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