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Jim Lesurf jcgl at audiomisc.co.uk
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In article <20100525155455.GA4735 at spod.org>, Peter Howkins
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> On Tue, May 18, 2010 at 01:57:57PM +0100, Peter Howkins wrote:
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> > Give us a couple of days to sort things out and I'll post some more
> > details for users, developers and the generally interested.
> Information for users ---------------------

>  The latest releases of RPCEmu will be available on the website

> http://www.marutan.net/rpcemuspoon/

>  I would recommend using a release version of RPCEmu, as opposed to
>  using the source code repository (even if you're are a Linux user
>  compiling from source), as release versions have had more testing and
>  the documentation updated to match them.

I've just looked at the above page and would like to ask about a few

I am currently using rpcemu 0.8.2 (not spoon) on my new Xubuntu laptop and
it seems fine apart from two minor quirks. One was that getting ArtWorks
running seemed awkward for reasons I never understood even though it is now
OK. The other is that rpcemu insists on using one cpu at the 100 percent
level even when all the apps are simply polling and doing nothing. Not
particularly good news for a laptop's batteries.  :-)

My first point is that the above page seems to have binaries for Windows
and Mac, but not for Linux. Can it also have a binary version for Linux,
please? Or is that a problem for some reason?

Secondly, as a (fairly new) user rather than someone involved in
development I don't find the Release Notes are that easy to understand from
the POV of being able to tell, "will I gain something I want from upgrading
to the latest version?"  (e.g. does a newer version give control over the
cpu loading *without* the problem of losing mousclicks or slugging actual

Another point is that the page seemed to me to be saying that the spoon
editions should be regarded as 'alpha', but in your email you recommend
that as users we should take versions from the page.

I am assuming that the above are mainly matters of updating and improving
the webpage, and that changes dealing with the above are probably under
way, but I don't know enough to be clear about this at present. So I'd
welcome more info.



[1] BTW It has occurred to me that the 'sleep' program might be modified so
that it keeps checking the mouse pointer location. Then it changes the
sleep value to slow down rpcemu's demand on the cpu *only when the mouse is
not over the rpcemu window*. Reducing the value (and speeding up rpcemu)
when the pointer *is* over the window.

However it is ages since I wrote an actual wimp polling program so haven't
tried this and have no idea if it would work.

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