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Wed May 26 14:59:10 PDT 2010

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> On 26 May, David wrote in message <511d8ac465david at ukpoets.net>:

> > I've not managed yet to get RPCEmu (RO3.7) to network on Ubuntu.
> > I'd like to so as to use Pluto for email and newsgroups. Browsing
> > is better on the host and transfer of stuff isn't too onerous.

> Networking definitely works on Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.10; I think I've
> used it on 8.06 as well, but it was a while ago.

> You "just" need to follow the instructions that were posted in
> various places -- when I did it the first time, I just worked through
> them methodically and at the end I had a network connection.

I tried following the instructions on the web page (which did seem to
be skewed to RO 4) but what should have happened didn't and I'd no idea
where to go from there.

> > If networking is difficult to do for RPCEmu, how about any nice
> > kind developers writing POPstar & NewsHound equivalents for the
> > various host OSes, using the Host FS directory as the location of
> > the News.folder and MailDir? Then such as Pluto will be usable.

> I can't help thinking the time would be better spent sorting the
> documentation on how to set the networking up, or simplifying the
> process a little from a user's POV..

Just pointing out that as networking isn't available except on Linux -
and then possibly difficult or seemingly impossible to get; and
apparently likely to be slow if actually achieved - some lateral
thinking might come up with a fix which would make the emulator a more
viable proposition. It's brilliant for what it does and the Host FS
system provides for ready transfer between emulated OS and host OS but
the lack of internet connectivity for news and mail is a serious
restriction on its use.


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