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Brian D groups at planet3.freeuk.co.uk
Wed May 26 16:27:12 PDT 2010

David <david at ukpoets.net> wrote:

> I've not managed yet to get RPCEmu (RO3.7) to network on Ubuntu. I'd like
> to so as to use Pluto for email and newsgroups. Browsing is better on the
> host and transfer of stuff isn't too onerous.
> If networking is difficult to do for RPCEmu, how about any nice kind
> developers writing POPstar & NewsHound equivalents for the various host
> OSes, using the Host FS directory as the location of the News.folder and
> MailDir? Then such as Pluto will be usable.

I've successfully got RPemu running under ubuntu 10.04lts with RO4.02 So far
I can't get select to work with it.

However, I've got Mpro (on-line version) to work from a copy (including
Newsbase) on a network server using Sunfish to access the network drive. The
show stopper preventing my migration to Linux from windows VRPC is a problem
with ZapEmail.

Shared clipboard and ability to export urls to a linux browser are also on
my wish list.

The ZapEmail problem is that if I edit an email or news post from MPro, Zap
opens in data mode instead odf email mode, despite me using the settings
that work in VRPC and on my RiscPC. I suspect it is a filetype problem with

Overall RPCEmu is nearly there, but not quite. I'm not up to developing, but
living in hope.

Brian Duffell   Yarm    England

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