[Rpcemu] merging RPCEmu and spoon edition

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Thu May 27 04:13:25 PDT 2010

Hi Matthew,

> On Tuesday 25 May 2010, Matthew Phillips wrote:
> > I mounted the Iyonix's drive via NFS on the Ubuntu machine.
> >
> >     cd
> >     ls iyonix/
> >
> > This lists the files on the root of the Iyonix's hard drive.
> >
> > Then I start RPCEmu and open a drive labelled Home, which is a
> > read-only view into my Linux home directory.  The folder "iyonix"
> > appears there, but when I open it EmuFS shows it as empty.

You could try using strace(1) on rpcemu to see what it tries to do with
the iyonix directory as you access it.

Start rpcemu as normal.  Get all the way up to the point where you can
see your Linux home directory containing iyonix.  Find rpcemu's process
ID, e.g.

    pidof rpcemu

Tell strace to attach to that process and trace file-related activities.

    strace -p $pid -e trace=file

Then open iyonix as before.  strace should print some lines.  They may
be helpful in diagnosis.  Ctrl-C will kill off strace else it'll print
lots more lines.  To capture the lines you can give `-o /tmp/st' as an
extra option.


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