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> The emulator then started up. But I could not figure out how to get it
> to boot from !Boot in the 'host' filing system. I therefore replaced the
> 1-byte 'hd4' image with the 50MB blank one in my old laptop 0.8.2 and
> copied !Boot into that. This seemed to work OK and it now seems to boot
> correctly - at least as a first quick try.

After writing that I noticed the bit in the manual that said spoon won't
boot from the hostfs. However this does make me think it may be useful to
modify the manual in a slightly earlier section. I found spoon booted from
the 'hd4' image *without* may having to specify the filesystem or drive. I
assume the 'opt 4,3' was already catered for as I'd copied the hd4 from my
non-spoon version. But I now assume that by default 0.8.6 comes with its
config set to boot from adfs drive 4.

Another question at this point: Is there a way with 0.8.6 to get a 'drive
icon' for the linux user's 'home' directory onto the icon bar? The
non-spoon edition does this and I think it is potentially quite handy -
albiet also risky if 'write' is enabled! Let me use DeskEdit to look at the
contents of files outwith rpcemu that my usual Linux editors don't show

Having stumbled though installing on my old laptop I'll have another go
later today and tidy up the notes I make as I go. Then report back on any
other comments or suggestions for the webpage documentation.



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