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Jim Lesurf jcgl at audiomisc.co.uk
Fri May 28 07:32:43 PDT 2010

Pleased to say that I was able to install 0.8.6 onto my new laptop a while
ago and - apart from two points I explain below - this works nicely.  :-)

The first snag was due to my not being a totally new user, and wanting to
copy across the !Boot and all the apps from the 0.8.2 mom-spoon version.
This meant I needed to move !Boot onto the hd4 image from having it in the
hostfs. Once I'd done that the system !Booted - but didn't actually boot or
load any apps. After some head-scratching I realised the reason.

The !Boot startup files were still looking for the apps on the same HD as
!Boot. using "Boot:^." types of addresses. Since the apps were now on a
'different' disc as Boot: had moved this failed. Duh. So I changed the
addresses and the apps now started OK at bootup. The new laptop 0.8.6 also
happily goes into the preferred screenmode, etc. So apart from the
following seems fine....

The second point is more frustrating. This is that crtl-end doesn't produce
the Linux menus for settings, etc. The key combination may be being trapped
elsewhere. But the result is that I can't access the menu and can only
hand-edit the cfg file. Is there an easy way to change what key combination
pops up this menu?

I have another similar problem with both the 0.8.2 version and 0.8.6. This
is that ctrl-shift-F12 is also trapped so I have to menu-click on the
switcher icon to do a controlled shutdown.

Both the 'key trap' problems occur on my Xubuntu/ROX new laptop, but *not*
on the Crunchbang/ROX old laptop. So this seems to be a clash with the
Xubuntu/xfce/etc system. Resigned to the snag wrt shutdown. But would be
good if ctrl-end could be user changed to some other key combination. Maybe
using the 'windows' key?  8-]



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