[Rpcemu] filetyping quirk

Jim Lesurf jcgl at audiomisc.co.uk
Sat May 29 10:33:31 PDT 2010


I've been experimenting with trying out various applications, etc, and have
noticed a quirk which may be a bug (?)

Using TechWriter 8.42 if I save a new document to hostfs it fails to be
filetyped as 'EasiDoc'. Appears as text. If I look at it with the Linux
filer then, as you'd suspect, there is no ",xxx" addition to the filename.

Using the RO filer I can give the file the 'EasiDoc' filetype and it is
such a document, not text.

If I save to the 'IDE' disc (i.e. into the image file) then the document
*is* given a filetype when created/saved by TW.

This is presumably due to some aspect of how TW gives the new file its
type. If I do the same experiment with, say, Vector, then the new files it
creates are typed as 'DrawFile' when that was that was what got vector to

However if I try with 0.8.2 and use the same version of TW to save to the
EmuFS 'drive' then it *is* filetyped OK.

So for some reasons the way that TechWriter is trying to set the filetype
of a new document file is not being correctly passed to the hostfs and
actually adding the file extension that then shows as the type.

Unless someone else can comment/explain I'll check on my old laptop to see
if that behaves in the same way. Similarly, if no-one here can say this is
'known' as a problem or can explain I can raise it on the TW mailing list
to see if Martin can deduce the reason and say if TW sets the filetypes in
a particular way that hostfs isn't detecting.



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